L36 Urea Vanes- LE12 Hard Chromed

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L36 Urea Vanes- LE12 Hard Chromed

$677.60 inc. GST

Product Description:

A set of 4 (2LH & 2RH) spinner vanes to spread Urea from your L36 Urea Deck on your Landaco Spreader.
The L36 Urea Deck Vanes are Hard Chromed.

Included in Your Purchase:

  • 2 ‘Short’ Urea vanes (1 L/H and 1 R/H)
  • 2 ‘Long’ Urea vanesĀ (1 L/H and 1 R/H)

*Please note spinner disc isn’t included and must be purchasedĀ separately

*You must have a L36 Urea Deck to purchase this product