Landaco Spinner Deck on Marshall Truck Mount

Spreader owner Mark Modra Fitted a Landaco spread system to an old Marshall and it works exceptionally well!

The best upgrade for your spreader

Matt & Peter from Landaco talked to Mark at York Peninsular (Paskeville) Field Day a few years ago.
Mark pitched his ideas to update his Marshall spreader to a more capable spinner system that can spread urea to 36m. Our L36G Deck met a lot of his requirements and could easily be modified to fit his Marshall Spreader. See Below Mark's Post on Twitter:

Landaco has spinner deck options available for anyone looking to do a similar update to any machine.
Maxispread Options L36G

L36G Spread System - Urea Deck

The L36G Spread System is Landaco's precision urea application spread deck. 36-42m spread patterns.

Landaco Deck with 800mm 4B8 Spinners

Standard Spread System

The Landaco Standard Spread System is the most capable spreading system available, able to spread a full range of products. Granular, Bulk or Manures are not a problem for the 4 blade setup.

Mark Modra's Review

Fitted a Landaco spreader deck to the old Marshall and works exceptionally well. Many thanks to Peter and ⁦ @LANDACOE⁩ for fantastic help and service.

Marshall Spreader with landaco spinners
Landaco Peter Connor

Peter Connor - M.D

"Landaco's advances in spinner design and spread patterns have allowed us to provide updates to Landaco owners, as well as the owners and operators of other spreader brands"

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