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Landaco Equipment offers a variety of spreaders that are capable of handling a wide range of materials, including; urea, superphosphate, lime, gypsum, fertiliser, manure, compost, chicken litter & MORE. Get an accurate and repeatable application with a Landaco Spreader.

The Landaco Agrispread T35 Spreading Lime

Agrispread Trailing Spreaders

Landaco Agrispread Trailing Spreaders are the ideal machine for your small scale agriculture and horticulture property. Stainless steel construction ensures the best resistance against corrosive materials.

Landaco Variable Rate Spreading Topcon Spreader Controller variable rate spreading set rate spreading Variable Rate Manure

Maxispread Trailing Spreaders

Landaco's Maxispread Trailing Spreaders are designed to spread a full range of products and built to last a lifetime. These spreaders are engineered and tested to provide the most accurate spread possible, with machines from 5 Tonne all the way to 25 Tonne and above.

Bunning Widebody HBD Manure Spreader - Spreading cow manure

GT Bunning Muck Spreaders

Designed and manufactured in the UK. Bunning muck spreaders are for spreading bulk fertilisers such as manures, Lime and Gypsum.We are a primary Importer for Bunning Muck Spreaders in Australia. We’re here to provide top-notch service and support.

Landaco Trailing Spreaders on truck for delivery

Spreaders Available for Immediate Delivery

Landaco Equipment holds a stock of different spreader models and sizes. Designed for spreading a full range of products, built to last a lifetime.


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