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Maxispread Options - Variable Rate Kit

Topcon ISO Variable Rate

ISOBUS Variable Rate control reduces input costs by applying seed and fertiliser precisely at the right rate, in the right place, at the right time. compatible with ISO 'unlocked' screens. Operators have the ability to simultaneously control and record data for up to 8 products

Scales Integration for Variable Rate 'Auto-Calibration' available.

GreenStar™ Dry Rate Applicator

Accurately control your costs — with variable rate applications, you can precisely budget fertiliser. Flow-based control allows more efficient applications during spreading operations. The John Deere Rate Controller is able to control these systems.

Trimble Field-IQ Control System

Field-IQ Crop Input Control System.
Trimble’s proprietary flow and application control system for Spraying, Spreading, Seeding & Planting. Field-IQ’s modular design enables you to tailor the control system to your implements and field operations while also offering room for future expansion.

Maxispread Options - ISO Variable Rate

Other Options Available

Landaco can offer many different Variable Rate or Spreader Control options thanks to our VR Ready platform.
Contact us today to discuss other options.

Maxispread Options - Road Ready Kit

Complete Road Ready Kit

If you find yourself travelling between farms or paddocks via public roads this is a must-have option. Includes a set of mudguards, LED Tail Lights, Safety Chains & Oversize Signs.

Maxispread Options - Road Ready Kit

LED Tail Lights

Make your Landaco spreader road safe by fitting a tail light kit. Includes an LED revolving light. Available on all models.

Safety Chains

Landaco T130 Spreader - Road Ready Kit

Oversize Signs

Maxispread Options - Dripline

Dual Dripline Attachment ►

A must-have for applying product to the base of trees or beds.

Maxispread Options - Grain Chute

Grain Chute

Direct dumping, unloading or laying feed out for livestock made simple.

Landaco Maxispread T150 Bing Extension 1/2 Grain ext

Bin Extensions

Maxispread Options - Grain Chute

Grain Chute

Landaco Maxispread T130 Trailing Spreader - Variable Rate

Roll Over Tarpaulin

Maxispread Options - Scales

Weight Scales and Monitor

Maxispread Options - Tandem Load Sharing

Suspension Load Sharing

Landaco Maxispread T130 Trailing Spreader 3m VR

3m Wheel Centres

Landaco Maxispread T130 Trailing Spreader - Variable Rate

Hydraulic Belt Drive

Landaco Spreader Ground Drive Gearbox Overdrive

Hydraulic Overdrive

Topcon Spreader Screen variable rate spreading set rate spreading section control

Monitor & Controller

Maxispread Options - Auto Shut Door

Auto Shut-off Door

Maxispread Options - Calibration Door

Calibration Door w/Cameras

Maxispread Options- Seedbox

Seed & Trace Element Dispenser

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  • Landaco options or accessories are not applicable to all models/grades.  Ask Landaco to confirm suitability for your spreader.

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Landaco Options & Accessories

Dripline Attachment

Learn more about the Dripline Attachment:
TOPCON Crop Care

Premium Spreading

Learn more about Variable Rate
Landaco Options & Accessories

L36G Spinner System

Landaco offers the option to upgrade to the L36G System for precision urea application at 36m all under 15% COV. Get the best results when spreading urea with your Landaco Spreader. Spread widths up to 42m can be achieved with the L36G System as tested by the Kondinin Group.

Road Ready Kit

Tail Light Kit
Oversize Sign
Revolving Light
Optional Mudguards