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Variable Rate

Variable Rate Spreading allows for more sophisticated positioning and rate adjustments. Variable Rate can save you on material use when spreading bulk material (Lime, Gypsum, Manures). With the addition of 'Dynamic Scale Integration' application rate accuracy is ensured with the rate controller being able to communicate with the spreaders scales directly.

Lime & Gypsum Spreading

With Landaco's Dual Purpose 800mm spinner discs, Landaco spreaders can provide a wide and even spread with bulk material. "Lime at 2t/ha made it to 23m before going over the 25% CV, which was the best of any spreaders tested" - Kondinin Group

36m+ Urea Spreading

Landaco offers a precision application spinner deck (L36G) for a 36 to 41 metre spread of urea under 15% CV. Our precision deck allows granular fertiliser to be spread with the highest level of accuracy and care.

Modular Design

Landaco Spreaders offer a great deal of customisation. With reverse compatibility in mind, our spreaders up to 10-20 years old can be updated to new technology and parts.

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L36G Spinner System

Landaco offers the option to upgrade to the L36G System for precision urea application at 36m all under 15% COV. Get the best results when spreading urea with your Landaco Spreader. Spread widths up to 42m can be achieved with the L36G System as tested by the Kondinin Group.

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