The Stainless Steel Spreader


3 models available. The Agrispread range is specifically designed for the smaller scale farmer.

Agrispread T25

Carrying capacity: 2.5 tonnes | Cubic capacity:  2.5m³

Agrispread T35

Carrying capacity: 3.5 tonnes | Cubic capacity:  3.2m³

Agrispread T45

Carrying capacity: 4.5 tonnes | Cubic capacity:  4.5m³

Looking for something bigger?

More about the Agrispread Spreader Range:

Landaco Agrispread Trailing Spreaders are the ideal machine for your small scale agriculture and horticulture property.

The Agrispread Range offers bin sizes from 2.5 Tonne to 4.5 Tonne.

Featuring a stainless steel bin construction ensures the best resistance against corrosive materials.


Landaco Spreaders are built tough, made in Australia for Australian conditions. Spread Lime, Gypsum, Urea, Super & more with your NEW Landaco Trailing Spreader.


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Agrispread Trailing Spreaders