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How Landaco Started

Norman Connor was a farmer from Hay NSW, who established an agricultural machinery sales business in the early 1980s.

Norm’s son Peter joined the business in 1985 and also operated a contract spreading business. As the contracting business grew, the limitations of spreading equipment in the market became evident.

As a Design Engineer with skills in welding and computer drafting, Norm designed a prototype that dispensed with chain distributors and other ungainly components and replaced them with a belt-driven spreader, hydraulic spinners and sleek, uncluttered lines.

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Becoming Landaco Equipment​

As production for the Landaco spreader increased to meet demands, it was necessary to outsource some of the production but, with time, it became evident that a move to a larger centre with greater control over production from their own factory would be a necessary next step.

In 1997 the Company, now managed by Peter, moved to Wagga Wagga, in southern NSW. As a centre providing rural services to the Riverina region, Wagga Wagga has proven an ideal location for Landaco Equipment to continue to develop, manufacture and market agricultural machinery, and from which to expand their customer and dealer networks around Australia.

Having spent his entire career in the spreading industry, Peter combines his engineering skills with extensive industry knowledge to continue the Landaco tradition of design and manufacturing excellence.


Modular Design

Adapting new spinner advancements made easy with a modular deck system.

Supporting Aussie Farmers

Landaco Equipment is at the forefront of the Australian agricultural sector. We understand the specific challenges our local farmers face. With insights into the Australian farming landscape, our products are precisely designed for our country’s needs.


Our vision is clear: deliver top-tier equipment that keeps pace with our customers’ changing demands. We’re invested in leveraging the latest technology and research, ensuring Australian farmers always have the leading tools on hand.

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