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Ordering Spare Parts from Landaco Equipment

Missing a fertiliser tester? Need an extra set of Spinner Vanes? Spare parts big or small, we’ve got you covered.

We have many spare parts available. Ask one of Landaco’s friendly staff members, if you’re visiting a Landaco store, or by contacting the Landaco customer service team.

Your spreader will experience normal wear and tear throughout its life due to usage. When new parts are installed, your machine will typically perform at its best.

You can order replacement parts by calling us directly or filling out the adjacent form. If you’re unsure how to refer to the spare part you’re requesting, describe it as best you can or simply take a picture of it and include it with your request.

After locating the part, one of our spare parts specialists will contact you to discuss availability and price. If the component you are looking for is in stock, we can have it dispatched to your specified address in as little as 1-2 business days.

You will receive an email confirmation with a tracking number if available once your order has been shipped. If you live in a metro area, your package should arrive in two to three business days; if you live in a regional area, it might take longer.

How to find the correct part for your Landaco Spreader


A Spreader VSN or WSN can be found in your Operators Handbook or on the Identification Plate.

Landaco junior administration career

Contact our friendly staff and provide us with your Spreaders information and the parts you desire. 

Landaco junior administration career - Spare Parts Picking

Order your parts for delivery or pickup in store

Why should I only use genuine Landaco parts and accessories?

You can be confident that genuine Landaco spare parts and accessories are made specifically for your Spreader when you purchase them. All original Landaco spare parts and accessories are held to the same high standards of quality as our products.


You purposely chose the highest quality when you bought your Landaco Spreader. And for this reason, you must always rely on accessories and spare parts purchased directly from the manufacturer. Only genuine Landaco replacement parts and accessories have the level of quality to ensure your Spreader will operate consistently and reliably.


You can use your Spreader more effectively, conveniently, and comfortably thanks to the wide selection of original Landaco accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I buy Landaco and Bunning parts from?

Landaco’s range of new and used Spreaders and spare parts are available directly from Landaco Equipment in Wagga, servicing Australia-wide. See the contact page or alternatively call us on 1800 358 600.

How do find support information relating to my Landaco or Bunning Spreader?

Call Landaco at 1800 358 600. for support, or your direct sales contact, if you prefer. Landaco’s office hours are 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday AEST. When contacting Landaco support, be sure to include the machine model and serial numbers.

Do you offer Field Support?

Your direct sales contact may be able to offer you Landaco Field support.

How do I get support outside of office hours?

After hours, use the email form on the contact page if you need more assistance. You can also leave a message by calling the office at 1800 358 600.

Can I use new Landaco components on my older Spreader

Many of the new parts that Landaco offers are supplied to fit or can be modified to fit older spreaders. If you want to learn more, please get in touch with us.

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