24L Double Sided Foam Marker

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24L Double Sided Foam Marker

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Product Description:

24L Double Sided Foam Marker with In Cab Control.

Double sided Foam Marker Kit comes with 24ltr tank, 20mtr of 8/10mm capillary lines, horizontal boom tip generators and 12-Volt high capacity diaphragm compressor. Supplied ready to fit, this Foam Marker Kit is pre wired and needs only to be connected to a power supply and fitted to a sprayer to operate.  Needle valve foam rate control with in cab switchbox for remote on/off & left/right control.

Included in Your Purchase:

  • 24ltr Tank
  • 20mtr of 8/10mm Capillary Lines
  • Horizontal Boom Tip Generators
  • 12-Volt High Capacity Diaphragm Compressor
  • In Cab Switchbox for Remote On/Off & Left/Right¬†Control

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