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LANDACO has a unique standing in the Australian Spreader market. Our products are sought after for their reliability, accuracy and top-tier build construction. Australian made products are becoming harder and harder to find as the years roll by. Everybody here at Landaco holds great pride in the fact we design & build our products in such a great country! Landaco products have been tried and tested over the last 30 years and proven to be superior to other machines in this category.

Landaco is a team of devoted and hard-working Aussies!
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Blue Bunning 380 HD HBD with T8 New Holland Tractor
Bunning Spreaders

The Lowlander Widebody 380HD HBD

A product of GT Bunning, is rapidly gaining traction in the Australian agricultural sector. Renowned for its proficiency in chicken manure application, this spreader is increasingly favoured by discerning farmers.

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Landaco Spreaders

Spreader Maintenance Tips

Unlock the secrets to maintaining your trailing spreader with our comprehensive guide. Aussie farmers, keep your essential equipment in peak condition, contributing to correct operation for optimal crop nutrient distribution every season. Dive in for expert tips and ensure your farming operations run seamlessly.

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Landaco junior administration career
Landaco Spreaders

Ordering Spare Parts from Landaco Equipment

You will receive an email confirmation with a tracking number if available once your order has been shipped. If you live in a metro area, your package should arrive in two to three business days; if you live in a regional area, it might take longer.

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TMA 2016 Landaco Award
Landaco Spreaders

Landaco Maxispread TS12000: Celebrating Our TMA Award Win

Landaco Equipment proudly announces the Maxispread TS12000’s win of the TMA Award at the Henty Machinery Field Days. A triumph in agricultural machinery, it excels in versatility for lime and urea applications, ensuring efficiency and precision. Explore this award-winning innovation and its commitment to durability and farmer-friendly design on our Products Page and in the detailed feature on the Australian Farming & Dealers Journal.

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