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Spreader Options & Accessories

Landaco Spreader Options

Landaco Equipment offers a full range of options for your Spreader.

If something you are interested in isn't featured on this list get in contact with us today.

Some options are not available on certain builds*

Landaco Maxispread Options:

  • Weight Scales
  • Roll Over Tarpaulin
  • Bin Extensions
  • 3Mtr Wheel Centres
  • Variable Rate
  • Monitor & Controller
  • L36G Deck
  • Suspension Load Sharing
  • Hydraulic Belt Drive
  • Hydraulic Overdrive
  • Auto Door
  • Auto Cal Door with Cameras
  • Dripline Spreading Attachment
  • Seed & Trace Element Dispenser
  • Grain Chute
Landaco Maxispread T150 Bing Extension 1/2 Grain ext
Bin Extension
Maxispread Options - Grain Chute
Grain Chute
Landaco Maxispread T130 Trailing Spreader - Variable Rate
Roll Over Tarpaulin
Maxispread Options - Scales
Weight Scales and Monitor
Maxispread Options - Tandem Load Sharing
Suspension Load Sharing
Landaco Maxispread T130 Trailing Spreader 3m VR
3Mtr Wheel Centres
Maxispread Options - Variable Rate Kit
Hydraulic Belt Drive
Landaco Spreader Ground Drive Gearbox Overdrive
Hydraulic Overdrive
Maxispread Options - Variable Rate
Monitor & Controller
Maxispread Options - Auto Shut Door
Auto Shut-off Door
Maxispread Options - Calibration Door
Calibration Door w/Cameras
Maxispread Options- Seedbox
Seed & Trace Element Dispenser

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Options & Accessories

TOPCON Crop Care

Premium Spreading

Learn more about Variable Rate

Landaco L36G
Spinner System

Landaco offers the option to upgrade to the L36G System for precision urea application at 36m all under 15% COV. Get the best results when spreading urea with your Landaco Spreader. Spread widths up to 42m can be achieved with the L36G System as tested by the Kondinin Group.

Road Ready Kit

Tail Light Kit
Oversize Sign
Revolving Light
Optional Mudguards

Landaco Spreader

Dripline Attachment

Learn more about the Dripline attachment