Landaco TS12000 Tested by Kondinin Group

The Kondinin Group holds a Spreader Testing Event every few years for manufacturers to showcase the performance and technology offered on their range of spreaders. Landaco travelled out to Coolamon to attend the Testing Day with Trailing Spreader and JCB 8250 Fastrac ready to do the tray tests. The spreader we used was our popular TS12000 VR Spreader fitted with the L36G Spinner Deck System, this year we are looking forward to demonstrating the capabilities of the latest model Landaco Spreader features.

Some of the latest options featured on the Spreader tested were:

  • Large Diameter 480/80R42 Radial Tyres
  • ISO Electronic Variable Rate & Dynamic Weight System
  • Landaco 20 Tonne Rated Weight Scales
  • Half Bin Extension & Roll Over Tarpaulin
  • The extremely accurate Landaco L36G Spinner Deck System

Kondinin Quote

"In terms of performance, the Landaco performed very well on lime and urea."

Landaco Lime Testing

"Lime at 2t/ha made it to 23m before going over the 25% CV, which was the best of any spreaders tested"

Landaco Urea Testing

"Urea at 60kg/ha was spread to 39m before the CV rose above the 15% for round-and-round travel"

What Kondinin Report liked

• Excellent value
• Good spread performance
• Easy to adjust and well labelled
• One tool for most adjustments
• Aussie product matching imported performance

Our Comment

The simplicity of the Landaco spreader was a major benefit which resulted in excellent test results on the first pass. Apart from changing the rate from 60kg to 100kg/ha on the electronic controller, no adjustments were needed to the L36G urea deck settings. This is a key consideration when selecting a spreader for variable rate application. For the Lime test, a simple five-minute conversion of the disc and deck adjustment was all that was required to switch to the 4B8 spinner system. Simple and effective!

With new models just released in the 12 to 30-tonne range, Landaco is able to meet the capacity and accuracy demands of its many larger-scale farming customers. With 30 years of experience, we are proud to be providing a quality Australian manufactured product supplied directly to farmers and contractors. We focus solely on spreading equipment with a commitment to continual product improvement.

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