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Landaco Maxispread TS12000: Celebrating Our TMA Award Win

Big news from Landaco Equipment! Our Maxispread TS12000 has received the coveted Tractor and Machinery Association (TMA) Award at the Henty Machinery Field Days, a recognition for outstanding Australian-designed agricultural machinery. It’s an honour we’re eager to share.

Innovative Design of the Maxispread TS12000: Engineered with precision, the Maxispread TS12000 stands out for its versatility in both lime and urea applications. Its capability to spread up to 30 metres at 100 kg/ha showcases our commitment to efficiency and accuracy in agricultural practices. With features like load cells, variable tyre sizes, and exceptional serviceability, it’s designed for the modern farmer’s diverse needs.

Adaptable and user-friendly: At Landaco, we prioritise the user experience. The Maxispread TS12000, featuring large 700mm spinners, is not just a spreader; it’s adaptable as a field or chaser bin, offering great ground clearance and versatility. Its detachable spinner assembly allows for multiple applications, from laying gravel to shifting materials, making it a multifunctional tool in any agricultural setting.

Technical Excellence and Durability: Crafted predominantly from stainless steel, the Maxispread TS12000 is built to last. Each part is meticulously prepared with high-grade two-pack enamel for durability. Its design for 3 metre controlled traffic, compatibility with various variable-rate electronic controllers
, and options like automatic door closure on larger models reflect our commitment to technological advancement and operator ease-of-use.

Our Commitment to Continuous Improvement: This TMA Award is a testament to our ongoing efforts to innovate and adapt to the evolving needs of the agricultural industry. We’re not just about creating machinery; we’re about developing solutions that make farming more efficient, reliable, and safe.

Discover More: We invite you to explore our full range of innovative agricultural solutions. Check out our Spreaders Page
for more information on how our machinery can support your farming needs.

Read About Our Achievement: Delve deeper into our journey and the features of the Maxispread TS12000 in the TMA Awards by reading the feature on the Australian Farming & Dealers Journal

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